Composition refers to the way the elements in a photograph are arranged and can include factors such as the angle, framing, and placement of the subject within the frame.


Lighting is an important aspect of fashion photography as it can affect the mood and tone of the image, and can be used to highlight certain features of the clothing or model.


Styling includes the clothes, accessories, and overall aesthetic of the shoot, and is an important factor in conveying the desired image and message of the fashion brand or designer.


Strong composition will create a visual balance and harmony within the photograph, and can draw the viewer’s attention to the key elements in the image. For example, a fashion photographer may use a low angle to make the clothing or model appear larger and more dominant, or may use diagonal lines to create a sense of movement and dynamism within the frame.

The direction and quality of lighting create depth and dimension within the photograph, and shape and define the contours of the clothing and model.

Fashion photography conveys the desired image and message of the fashion brand or designer, and create a cohesive visual theme for the shoot. The styling can reinforce the brand’s unique aesthetic and identity.


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