David Ferrero Peláez. Founder of Paradigme Mode

David Ferrero

Co-founder of Paradigme Mode

On-site and Remote
English, French, and Spanish

I support ethical brands who wish to become stronger and more visible in a highly competitive environment

David is, most of all, a sustainable fashion developer. From art direction, model photography to the garment design and manufacture.

David is helping brands building a stronger, more sustainable strategy.

From the musical greats of the 90s like Björk, Tori Amos, Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple or Thom Yorke to the more recent alternative scene with Phoebe Bridgers, Arca, Perfume Genius or Yves Tumor. Music has always been the greatest inspiration for David, and one of the main reasons for him to choose the path of fashion, playing an important part in the self expression of artists.

90s inspiration

Been born in the mountains, nature has always been present in his life. As well as a growing concern for the future of the planet, nourished by experience with fast fashion giants and the reads of some of the greatest dystopian authors such as Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury or Aldous Huxley.

Editorial and fashion design by David

You can see more of his work and past experience on his own website as well, on this link.

Since his studies, he has been involved in several projects in a global landscape. Madrid, New York and London have given him a wide international view of the fashion industry. Complimented with visits to production factories and multiple trade shows, he has seen the true face behind the fashion spotlight.
Altogether, it has always been his goal to bring technological advances to the fashion industry: making its processes and efficiency evolve to the standards of our times.

Sustainable fashion statement

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