Camila Esguerra. Expert at Paradigme Mode

Camila Esguerra

Innovative material researcher

On-site and Remote
Dutch, English, and Spanish

Like many other designers, I have seen that a change is needed in both the way we consume fashion and the way we produce it. Once I was introduced to the industry from the inside, I decided that I wanted to be a spokesperson on this issue. Not only to educate the consumer but more importantly, to guide the industry towards a more sustainable manufacturing.

Research on sustainable materials

Camila is a fashion sourcing expert, with a passion for fixing things, knowing how they work, deconstructing and building again. This is what led her to a first project of repurposing materials hand in hand with craftsmanship. The technique evolved along with her interest in innovation and new materials.

For her university thesis she started a project called Biocatalista, researching natural sources that could contribute to the development of new materials focusing on textiles. With this knowledge she has been able to develop dyes, textiles, foams, yarns, and plastics, all of which are biodegradable. Expanding the variety of them by combining artisanal techniques such as crochet or macramé with current technologies such as laser cutting or 3d design.

She has got the honorable mention for best innovation project, and now she keeps working on research and material experimentation. Fashion sourcing is a key sector in order to put fashion on the sustainability path.