Fernando JimFier. Expert at Pradigme Mode

Fernando JimFier

Visual artist

On-site and Remote
Spanish and English

My work flows through image making and sustainable design. The future inspires me as much as social and sustainable affairs.

Fernando dreams of the future we are creating towards 2050. Mars, digitalisation, new ways of living are definitely something that moves him.
He’s very interested in experimenting and achieving eclectic results, as well as in highly aesthetically outcomes with strong approaches of fashion and design. He creates image making through photography and films. His designs strongly rely on upcycling, zero waste and a strong inspiration in tailoring and autochthonous garment making processes.
His ambition is to inspire and co-create through his work. Art through fashion and image making has always been the voice he follows, but beyond a medium to express himself it is the mean to develop a happier, more creative and sustainable world.