Eugenia Gil. Expert at Paradigme Mode

Eugenia Gil

Fashion Designer

On-site and Remote
English and Spanish

What to do with all the fashion residues?

AGUA, Upcycling project

This is a question that sums up pretty well her work. She is a sustainable fashion designer who has made the constant search of new techniques to create original products from textile residues an integral part of her career. Whether out of scraps or full garments.

She works with Upcyling, Zero Waste patterning and modelling on a mannequin. Prioritizing creativity and experimentation at the moment of planning the production process. Designing what will happen with the garment once its user doesn’t want it anymore is very important to her, as moving forward she wouldn’t like to create more residues. As a consequence, giving new life to the things that already lived theirs. In her opinion this is what really will make a collection sustainable, by going further than just using organic materials.

YONI project, the community that survives the end of the world

Eugenia has embarked numerous projects centered in the idea of sustainability: upcycling materials and end-of-life garments, turning them into unique, conceptual pieces that tell stories about our world, our environment, our journey as a society. And always around a sense of community, putting together different people, materials and concepts into a common path.

YONI project, the community that survives the end of the world